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1. Place the base station against a wall and near an outlet, making sure there is more than 1m/40inches of clear space in front of the base station.
2. After placing the base station, insert the power cord into the base station, then insert the plug into the outlet. The screen will automatically light up when the base station powers on, and the robot will turn on when it is in the base station.

Note: Please place the base station in a place with good WiFi signal.


* Supported WiFi encryption types:

  • None
  • WPA2-Personal
  • WPA/WPA2-Personal
  • WPA3/WPA2-Personal

        * Unsupported WiFi encryption types:

        • WEP
        • WPA3-Personal


        Yes, you can share your robot with other devices and control it, Freo can share up to 4 other accounts.

        Floor Cleaner

        Narwal Freo has its own exclusive floor cleaner, and the base station can automatically add this cleaner if you select that function.

        We do not recommend using other cleaners as they may produce foam or residue that corrodes the piping system and parts, causing the robot to malfunction.

        Clean water is sufficient for mopping if you mop every day.


        Narwal Freo currently is not able to detect/clean pet excrement and vomit, or other large garbage waste, as they can cause the robot to jam.


        Please wipe the surface and sensors with a moist towel/soft cloth regularly.

        Note: The robot comes equipped with an internal battery, so please do not rinse the robot which might cause malfunctions or damage.


        Pet (T10)

        Narwal T10 currently is not able to clean pet excrement and vomit, or other large garbage waste, as they can cause the machine to jam.

        Maintenance (T10)

        Accessory replacement:

        The side brush and mop should be replaced every 1-3 months.

        The dust bin filter should be cleaned every two weeks and should be replaced every 3-6 months

        Parts maintenance:

        The Omni-directional wheel should be cleaned once a month.

        The ribs and bottom grooves should be cleaned every two weeks.

        The clean water tank sponge should be cleaned every three months.

        The dust bin and the wastewater tank should be cleaned after each use.

        For more details, please visit our YouTube channel: